The Congress of European Farmers represents a key moment for Copa and Cogeca and its members, its cooperatives and farmers’ organisations from across the EU. Since 2005, the European Farmers’ Congress has been organised every two years in a different country in partnership with Copa and Cogeca local members. Due to Covid-19 the last Congress was cancelled in 2020 so we look forward to welcoming all the expected delegates and guests now in 2022!


The European Commission’s priorities have put the European Green Deal, and its various strategies and initiatives, at the centre of the political debate, where combating climate change, reducing GHG emissions and addressing biodiversity losses are key objectives.

Amongst the Green Deal pillars, the transformation of agriculture and rural areas, the farm to fork strategy, the Climate law, the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy and the Nature Restoration Law are all central to the Union’s agri-food sector and, in particular, for European farmers, forest owners and their agri-cooperatives. Against this background we must not forget the cumulative impacts of the energy crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These have long lasting effects that will be felt not only in the EU but also elsewhere in the World, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

Food Security and food affordability are now critical elements to retain in the transformation of food systems. Therefore, this year’s Congress aims to debate how to turn the aforementioned challenges into opportunities.


The bi-annual Congress of European Farmers brings together some 450 delegates of farming and agricultural cooperative organisations from EU Member States as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Georgia and aims to debate the future of the European agriculture sector.

Marija Vučković

Minister of Agriculture of Croatia

Janusz Wojciechowski

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Zdeněk Nekula

Czech Minister of Agriculture, President in office of the EU Agricultural Council

Norbert Lins

Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament

Maurizio Martina

Assistant Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Mykola Solskyi

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


The 2022 edition of the Farmers’ Congress will take place in Croatia at the Amadria Park Convention Centre in Šibenik. This event will be organised in close collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture HPK (Hrvatska Poljoprivredna Komora).


The Congress of European Farmers will take place this year between 12-14th October 2022 including two days of conferences and workshops and one day dedicated to technical visits, organised by our local member organisation.